Chongqing construction of health care big data industry system

after the advent of the Internet, our lives are also accompanied by the arrival of big data, to provide more convenience for our lives. In November 17th, mayor Huang Qifan chaired the municipal government 147th executive meeting, considered by the "health big data action plan of Chongqing city (2016 – 2020)", proposed that by 2020, the completion of a comprehensive health care system and big data platform support system, the formation of medical health big data industry system, built a large health care data demonstration city leading.

"plan" around the regional health data platform, health management and health care service, personalized service platform, big biomedical data center construction, "Internet plus health care services, medical health big data security of six key projects, put forward the construction of regional health care system, the construction of big data platform based on Residents health card for the health care service system, the carrier of chronic disease and special health monitoring service platform, the development of remote collaborative medical diagnosis and treatment classification system of 20 key tasks.

at the same time, the "program" in combination with the city is to declare the national health big data Industrial Park, proposed the development of new technology of health care from the new format, cultivation of family health services and maternal and child health care services to create a new health care insurance and financial services industry, and intelligent hardware and software industry, promoting the development of the industry.

Chongqing health care big data industry system, for the improvement of Chongqing’s medical infrastructure is very favorable, but also conducive to strengthening the management of the medical system. The meeting examined and adopted the "on accelerating the implementation of views to promote the application of new energy vehicles (2016 – 2020)", the market leading and the combination of government guidance, strengthen infrastructure construction, accelerate the application of new energy vehicles, by 2020, the city district has the promotion and application of new energy vehicles 100 thousand, achieve the ratio of 1: car pile 1. At the same time, the "opinions" clearly the key areas, key areas and charging infrastructure promotion requirements and support business model innovation and the key direction, including energy saving and emission reduction subsidies, charging facilities subsidies and other policy support.

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