Guangxi started construction of 14 migrant workers Park

now, for some migrant workers entrepreneurship activities very seriously, especially in some places still has introduced some measures to attract migrant workers returning home for business in Guangxi, ready to build 14 migrant workers entrepreneurship park.

8 31, "worker’s Daily" reporters from the region to promote migrant workers entrepreneurship Park project implementation video meeting that the determination of Mashan, Li Riverside 14 County, the Liujiang River autonomous region for migrant workers entrepreneurship Park construction pilot county, land and Resources Department of the autonomous region for 200 hectares of land for the project indicators, each business the garden has been the autonomous region of 4 million yuan of financial subsidies.

it is reported that the government of the autonomous region in the year 6 issued "on further notice" specified employment work under the new situation: from 2015 onwards, the region’s 14 cities all started the construction of migrant workers entrepreneurship Park, each level city building at least 1 peasant workers Pioneer Park, start construction before the end of 2015 14 a migrant workers entrepreneurship park. Previously, Guangxi has been part of the pilot county started the construction work, the effectiveness of previews.

the first migrant workers entrepreneurship Park project construction will be included in the annual performance appraisal, 14 migrant workers entrepreneurship Park construction projects to meet the end of December this year and next August to periodically check the project acceptance of the two assessment. Qualified, will receive 1 million yuan subsidy funds incentives.

it is reported that the autonomous community, land and resources and other departments will be the economic benefits of the first migrant workers in the garden was, in Pioneer Park migrant workers employment promotion work have made outstanding contributions to small loans, increase land, tax relief and other corresponding support and subsidies. At the same time, to meet the conditions of migrant workers entrepreneurial enterprises and their employees shall be given job subsidies and social insurance subsidies, training subsidies and one-time start-up subsidies and enjoy preferential policies such as incubation a number of supportive policies.

The construction of some migrant workers


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