Give up one million annual salary to learn tyrants rural farmers

learn tyrants of the world is what I can understand the mortals. Graduated from Zhu Haiyang graduated from the Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology, after graduation to work in a car sales company, the outstanding performance of the annual salary of millions, but suddenly switch to start their own businesses and to go to the countryside, what is the matter, let’s find out.

fall in love with the ordinary life of agriculture to create extraordinary

Huanghe Science and Technology College University Science and Technology Park wisdom of Jiahe agricultural science and technology limited company founder Zhu Haiyang, graduated from Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology, worked in Inner Mongolia Benz (China) engaged in sales work, personal Benz annual sales champion, who led the team to create a 245 million annual sales team sales records, the annual salary of millions of him, but in the moment of brilliant career give up salary to the business from the top five hundred in the world to the country, chose to return home together with business partners, in addition to a mission, or more on this piece of land at the foot.

Zhu Haiyang said: "now people in rural areas are less and less, because farming does not make money, more rural people have chosen to go to work in the city, but the land is always to be planted, then who farming? See more migrant workers in rural areas will be handed over to the land of their own professional farming, to understand the relevant policies of the national land transfer, we have sprouted the idea of doing professional farmers."

when they went to work as a farmer, they went through some detours. Farming is a technology live, if you still go on the road to them is doomed to fail. After the profound exploration and Practice for nearly 5 years, let their rich agricultural management experience, make them from immature to mature, further strengthened their farmland industrial production planning and advocacy role, so that they are determined based on agriculture, to help farmers’ spending less, more, the way of wisdom agriculture the road.

insists on agriculture because growth and harvest are real

wisdom to bring them not only the success and growth of entrepreneurship, but also the rich and happy people in their hometown. "We have now signed a strategic cooperation agreement with 6 farmers cooperatives, each cooperative has a total of more than 1 thousand acres of land, one of which hosted a total of more than 5 thousand acres. This way is to provide us with the technical base, cooperatives, agricultural things system is applied to the management of the organization, to achieve more precise farming, make farming easier, allowing farmers to harvest more, spending less."

development of agricultural wisdom agriculture is to benefit the community

"for real science and technology, what we think and what we do is not advanced, it can only be regarded as fur. But we believe that with the love of the land and recommend

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