2015 Guangdong Youth nnovation and entrepreneurship competition roadshow will be staged

is now all over the country are actively organized entrepreneurship competition, the purpose is to attract more entrepreneurs perspective, to help more entrepreneurs entrepreneurial activities, promote the social entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

16, sponsored by the Guangdong Youth League and invited the province’s fifteen departments and bureaus units associated with entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial platform "E coffee" hosted the 2015 Guangdong Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship competition roadshow will be staged in Guangzhou Tianhe Sports center.

It is reported that the event organizer:

8 on the 16 day of the month, organized by the E cup of coffee in Southern China entrepreneurial season is officially on stage. In this season, in addition to the entrepreneurial project team has been stationed abroad, E cup coffee will serve as a mentor to provide guidance to play a huge role in the entrepreneurial platform. As a platform for sharing, "E coffee" will invite some heavyweight guests, Sharon held regularly, speech activities, their wisdom and experience to share, let Southern China entrepreneurs have more opportunities to contact with the senior side interaction. According to reports, "E coffee" will provide free and open venues for the majority of Internet industry, the Internet can be held daily entrepreneurial team projects, to invite the professionals in various fields for outstanding multi theme series of depth.


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