How to open an online store

many people realize that the Internet is really a great business, want to create their own career here, but don’t know where to start, do not know how to conduct network business should be small, there will be through the specific steps of analysis, teach you to open an online store.

The conception of

1 and brain.

The first step is

2, login site registered as a user.

3, apply to the site to open stores.

4, purchase.

5, login.

log when there is a very important thing, is to set the price. Usually the site will provide the starting price, price, price of the project is set by the seller. Online auction is different from the traditional auction, the seller must first set a starting price, buyers bid up.

the starting price lower to attract interest, some sellers set 1 yuan starting, a good way is to attract attention. But the starting price is too low will have the final transaction price is too low risk, so the seller is best to set the reserve price. Another disadvantage is that the starting price is too low is likely to imply that you are willing to sell the goods at a very low price, so that the auction at a very low price.

if the seller that wait for auction completion time is too long, you can set a price, if a buyer willing to pay the price, the commodity turnover disadvantage is immediately, such as:

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