Open shop in the street there are unlimited business opportunities

we all know, shop to choose in crowded places, the only way to bring you greater traffic, bring good profit for your store. Go shopping, every time when we are thirsty, street drinks shop is our savior. Visible in the street to open a beverage shop, or a very good business choice.


three investment mode:

first shop in 7 – 15 square meters of mini stores, operating mainly in Cafe Americano, fashion based drinks.

second shops in the standard shop 15 – 25 square meters, mainly engaged in Cafe Americano, specialty drinks, snacks + brand showcase main elements.

third shops in the standard shop 25 – 60 square meters, mainly fancy coffee, specialty drinks, ice cream, sushi, meals, special snack + brand showcase main elements.

The characteristics of


Equipment and supplies are today’s most advanced

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