Do a good job in Market Research on the success of half

now, the choice of entrepreneurial friends more and more. So, what do you understand about entrepreneurship? Entrepreneurship, as its name implies, is the cause of the founding. Since ancient times, entrepreneurs like a revolving stage interpretation of life, which is full of thorns, many hardships, setbacks and frustrations, even fail; at the same time, but also full of opportunities and challenges, experience success and joy, so many heroes jingzheyao, entrepreneurs never stop their pace, to pursue their own dreams.

– business environment survey

1. policy, legal environment survey

investigate your business, carry out the service project related legal and policy information, understand the country is to encourage or limit your business, what management measures and means. How does the local government implement the relevant laws, regulations and policies of the state and what are the advantages and disadvantages of your business?.

2. industry environment survey

investigate your business development situation, carry out the service industry development trend, industry rules and management measures. For example, engaged in hairdressing industry, should understand the development of the industry in the country and the region, the international and domestic trends and advanced beauty technology, industry norms and management system of the industry. "Family law, there is a line regulation", enter a new industry, we should fully understand and grasp the industry information, so, in order to "

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