Western style restaurant decoration style introduction

At the same time

change and improve the living standards of the people’s consumption demand, such as the catering industry, before we go to the restaurant and eat is full, now go to the restaurant, we eat is the atmosphere. Especially the restaurant has a good dining environment and is very important, in the quiet space, listen to the elegant music, enjoying the delicacy, looking out of the window which is what People are hurrying to and fro. comfortable life. Therefore, the style of the west restaurant is very important.

western style restaurant decoration style introduction

1. modern western restaurant

modern style restaurant decoration is one of the most simple decoration method, in the decoration design of its style more diverse, not so complicated, according to the restaurant investors interests, or interests; is to cater to the consumer tastes, interests; can also be conducted according to the structure of housing decoration.

2. garden style restaurant

in ancient China has many famous landscape design, and until today we have been impressed by the great design, the restaurant decoration into the garden style, such as the combination of Chinese and western, modern city and feel fresh and natural flavor. In general, this garden design western restaurant yard, located in the scenic area, is also a unique compound.

3. indoor courtyard restaurant

want to decorate this style restaurant, generally to landscape architecture, and combined with a variety of elements required for the restaurant, such as flowers, arches and labyrinth pavilions, terraces and open halls and corridors, bridges etc..

4. antique style restaurant

in the antique style restaurant decoration, from top to bottom, from the inside to mention a word "ancient". This is in the decoration, layout, and character costumes, language, action, etc..

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