nvestment Teng Yu Huang braised chicken rice

braised chicken Steamed Rice Chinese as one of the ten major brands in the Chinese fast food, life has been very common, in the market is like braised chicken Steamed Rice has been fully integrated into the minds of the consumer products in the food and beverage market has a firm foothold, so to open an own braised chicken rice restaurant no wrong. But now on the market of the yellow chicken stew Steamed Rice very much, there are a lot of different brands, many products are more or less the same, when many joined the choice, don’t know what to choose a good brand, Xiao Bian to recommend Teng Yu Kee braised chicken Steamed Rice


investment Teng Yu Huang braised chicken rice?

braised chicken Steamed Rice has a long history, originated in Shandong, modern technology and commercial pattern formation behavior, thus forming a yellow chicken stew Steamed Rice join, beginning in 2011 Chinese Ji’nan origin, joined mainly by entrepreneurs and braised chicken Steamed Rice joined the enterprise identification of the franchise agreement, the agreement itself provided by enterprises braised chicken Steamed Rice cooking braised chicken and Steamed Rice sauces, shop design, risk assessment, accounts receivable report etc., entrepreneurs must pay the amount ranging from costs, resulting in franchising relationship.

Teng Yu Huang braised chicken rice joined nine support, so that you easily open. Before the shop to open a shop, have a professional understanding to help join the business, eliminating the worries of franchisees, easy to earn, store business unusually hot.

join a lot of money. Teng Yu Huang braised chicken rice for consumer tastes and production, is the heart of consumers want to eat the taste, excellent products allow you to join the queue every day, but the shop owner happy to make money. A dozens of square meters of venture capital, there will be a few million monthly profit, which is difficult to do other brands.

small series analysis, you can see that this is a very good brand, if you echocardiography, and quickly joined!

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