How to operate a small curtain fabric shop

even if the owner wants to do big, but because of funding constraints, some shops have to have a smaller scale. Even if the size is very small, but as long as the proper operation, money can also be simplified. So, small curtain cloth shop how to operate? Let Xiaobian for you to analyze a few points, if you happen to be such a shop owner to see if it will help your store management.

small curtain fabric shop, the store is not in the bustling streets, and the main face of the low-end market, the profit is thin. In the eyes of others, it seems that a market competition is not large, ready to give out the store only, can not stand the test of the market; and it, you see his eyes in the alley in the inconspicuous place. How does a small curtain shop attract customers? Is not a small curtain shop can not make profits, small shops have their own target population, as long as their own good, and master some skills, believe that the store also has a very good promotion space.

career mentality

do not think that the bay is a small shop in order to make a living, in order to hobbies and so on; shop is also a small business, to a "I want to create a career" mentality to operate. Store again small, also need to lay out a wall will shop name and slogan posted; shop again small, also need to have their own logo and brand. This is a state of mind, the state of mind to determine the survival and development of your small curtain fabric store.

honest operation

people in the small curtain cloth shop consumption is the most afraid of what? Short foot inch, operating in this way will only get worse. Consumers in order to eliminate this kind of mentality, it may be a way of online calculation, online reference, and combining with the actual price is a kind of speaking formula published in the curtain wall such an honest business practices. Consumers pay more attention to the right to know, according to the formula can be calculated at any time and place, as a way to allow consumers to improve acceptance, and secondly, can reduce the cost of human services.

product differentiation

in the understanding of the market price, the cost of accessories with the same kind of material posted on the wall, the same species should not be too high, do not use too much, not only the impact of fabric quality and brand. The use of accessories is also the most operational skills, small curtain fabric shop do not ignore the accessories, often accessories can enhance the grade of fabric, so I have no people, I have excellent product differentiation concept.

development direction

small curtain fabric shop has always been not only for the low-end market, the development of high-end market can take to cooperate with the curtain Brand Company, and to obtain a certain degree of visibility in the local. In addition, small curtain fabric

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