Shanghai cracked 21 smuggling gangs smuggling of one hundred million oil

recently announced that Shanghai customs cracked a major smuggling case, the gang smuggling oil more than 23 thousand tons, involving up to $100 million. At present the relevant suspects have been arrested.

2015 in November, the Shanghai Customs Bureau found traces of oil smuggling in Shanghai and the surrounding areas, after a month of investigation, finally from a large number of traces in the "reduction" of criminal suspects smuggling route.

2015 in December 13th, the Shanghai Customs Bureau in conjunction with the Coast Guard Corps division, coordinated operations, in Shanghai, Fujian, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other places at the same time, the implementation of arrest from the sea land and road. 21 suspects were arrested, the scene seized a total of more than 660 tons of oil smuggling, smuggling vessels of 2.

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