Hu Haiquan domineering pay for entrepreneurs

for the dream acceleration is not only a simple variety show, but also to allow more entrepreneurial dream people understand the circle of investment and entrepreneurship. Program, the dream mentor Hu Haiquan is domineering for entrepreneurs pay.


premiere last week a large venture against the program "for the dream" accelerated, Hu Haiquan was invited as a dream mentor, and in the program when the first capital assessment officer, in the propaganda film of a "who can take away one million, you dream of me" to show the full domineering, show 40 seconds "lift rule" link is fully reflected in its accurate judgment and experience as an investor.

100 venture capital fund Dream Fund entrepreneurs

It is reported that

in the program settings, such a goal to strive for the 100 Investment Limited commercial combat, including sales plan, commodity pricing, division of labor organization, on-site sale and other aspects of the assessment team, business analysis ability, decision-making, execution and control of time, and the feasibility of the project etc.. Real cash incentives can really make the entrepreneurial team burst out of competitiveness and potential to expose and reflect on their own problems, to become a new team to face the market.


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