SF express founder Wang Wei to share his unusual entrepreneurial story

electricity supplier industry is now developing rapidly, the extraordinary influence of the courier industry is not general. SF express renowned throughout the country, service in place, timely delivery, online shopping is more favored by their families have added, then SF is how to develop it?



has a monopoly through Hong Kong Express

and surprise, SF politely refused a reporter’s interview with die Zeit, but interestingly, reporters call the customer service phone in SF, a short time will get people back.

2012 January onwards, the weekly Times reporter began to find the journey of SF mystery. In an interview with dozens of people in the industry, a word or two from getting out track of Wang Wei.

1993, the king who is only 22 years old, the only high school education Shanghai people first do printing in Shunde, the Pearl River Delta region will often need goods in Hongkong, see this opportunity Wang Wei take cargo terminal “express”. After more opportunities, the birth of sf. The original fund is 100 thousand yuan to Wang Wei’s father borrowed money, in Hongkong, Prince Edward Street rented a place of hundreds of square meters as a company, specifically for enterprises to send mail to the Pearl River Delta region. This is used as a carrier and backpack box model, known as the parallel guy”.

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The recommended initial development in the courier industry /

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