Open clothing stores have skills can not be ignored

the basic necessities of life, indispensable for human survival, the clothing in the first place, thus its importance. In a large population Chinese market, a clothing store is naturally very profitable. However, in today’s rapid economic development, the quality of life is up, people in the choice of clothing, there are many business requirements, clothing stores, want to make easy money good business, some skills are must grasp. Here, take a look at the introduction.

one, selling clothes is selling image

shop business is good, do not enter the store, at the door for a few seconds to see it! See what, see signs, see the lights, see the display, see health, can see the salesperson age and employees long is beautiful. Buy clothes is to buy beautiful clothes, is to sell the image, That’s all.


is to buy beautiful clothes, now we wear our clothes, in addition to the requirements for comfort in vitro, more embodies a kind of beauty, personality, brand intangible spiritual pursuit, and the realization of a positive self-image. Beauty is the basic feature of our apparel products, then, we sell clothing, clothing sales people should first show the United states. In order to save electricity without lights, to prevent dust without unpacking display, employees do not make-up without spirit, cashier is out of order, the shop use float sale, store, hand-painted homemade promotional posters and so on, all in violation of the principles of beauty and behavior will make Meida clothing discount, unable to express or even lost.

no, the image does not exist, the brand will lose the basis for survival, let alone talk about development!! therefore, we must remember the basic operating principle is to sell the image to sell clothes, all operating shops must proceed from the principle of beauty, firmly establish and maintain the standard of beauty, only in this way our shop, our brand, it may be in the cruel and fierce competition in the market to find their own beauty out of the ordinary, it may grow, from one victory to another victory!


two, comparison can be seen

for those who are not satisfied with the performance of a good feeling of the customer, the one thousand sentence is inferior to her store and pulled him to the city’s rival shop to look at. Because if we simply talk about her problems, she will find a lot of reasons, what the economic downturn, the small local population consumption force is poor, can not keep up with the goods and so on, a lot of companies are objective and the problem, their own problems not at all. Is that true,


notes that the shop’s business is not good, because we are slow step, all can not only find the objective and the company’s reasons. The good and the bad, the good and the bad are not the words, but the comparison

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