Ten methods of milk tea management

what is the purpose of entrepreneurship? Is to rely on their own strength to make money for themselves, entrepreneurial wealth is the purpose of many investors. How to operate in order to keep their invincible, establish brand is the key. How to establish in the fierce market competition in order to win, we must come up with their own product characteristics, as well as the operator’s own wisdom. The introduction of the ten major methods of milk management hope to help everyone.

small milk tea shop franchise points:

point one, a center: the economic benefits of milk tea enterprises as the center.

points two, the two basic points: improve and stabilize the quality of products; save, reduce resource costs.

points three, the Three Represents: health food on behalf of scientific nutrition; on behalf of the masses, the trend of food culture.

points four, the four basic principles: adhere to the quality and stability of the product; adhere to the warm and friendly service; adhere to the clean environment; adhere to the value of the price.

five points, five points: to establish outstanding super brand; steady earnings statements; staff is enterprise’s greatest wealth; tea store how much money? The organization and working method is stable; dedication to customers and service attitude.

points six, retain customers: the establishment of customer first. How much money to join the tea shop to establish a customer – centric customer database, concerned about the customer in the process of tea with the satisfaction level, and strictly improve every detail, retain customers.

seven points, winning Jones: the game marketing. Establish an effective marketing department, public welfare, television, Ping Yang tea media, radio and other multi milk tea to expand the visibility of the enterprise, in order to achieve the ultimate goal of guiding customers to use milk tea consumption

points eight, eight party visitors: analysis of the mainstream consumer milk tea drinking business crowd. How much tea shop to join? Produce in line with his taste for his favorite delicacy, create atmosphere, in order to win the mainstream customers at the same time, driven by the other group guests with tea, hot tea field reached eight party visitors, the bustling.

points nine, nine points equal to zero: the milk tea drink every detail of the management of the system by the division of the division. To be able to score nine points, may be just a link derailed, some details of some errors, then the enterprise is facing the risk of failure of milk tea.

points ten, perfect: site selection. Unique, elegant environment, raw materials, full of culture, outstanding quality, excellent service, advanced marketing >

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