Open Luzhu shop an absolutely profitable project

standard of living is getting higher and higher, more and more delicious into our lives, from can not afford to eat well, our diet has undergone tremendous changes in life. Open an open Luzhu shop, make your way to wealth is no longer a dream!

The primary cause of


advantage: eating is a permanent topic, according to market research, "eleven" during the national day, October 2nd day, Beijing city food and beverage market sales of about 6000000 yuan, up 8% over last year, so the choice is in the right direction. The same is to do noodles, people can make the red face cool, a bowl of wonton can sell 4 yuan can also sell $100, entrepreneurship is not doing anything, but how to do. Luzhu production method is simple, saves a hired cook shop area of trouble, not seeking, employees needed less, low cost, quick return.

disadvantages: Folk special snack shop, perhaps not difficult to survive, but also not easy to expand. First of all, it is best to be able to open in the downtown or tourist areas, in order to attract the flow of tourists, residents do not hide, but not on the grade, in order to be able to make a reputation, you need long-term efforts. But the mouth picky, folk snacks is at an end, and the people of his own body is take care of the store, so show the utmost solicitude, health requirements.


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