How laid off workers start to make millions

In fact,

now has a lot of social entrepreneurs, in the business are faced with many difficulties, at the same time, it is because of this encounter some difficulties, so there are a lot of people will eventually choose to start a business, many entrepreneurs are being forced by life.

20 years of work experience of laid-off

1998 at the beginning of the year, the clothing market suffered cold, many garment factory bankruptcy, Zhou Yali’s Shenyang in a textile factory is working in state-owned enterprises bankruptcy reorganization, nearly 20 years, has served as sales director, assistant director Zhou Yali and other duties as older laid-off workers. After being laid off no income, sweetheart salary is not high, the son in high school needs the money to support the old mother also need money, facing the plight of the family, Zhou Yali felt that he must do what, don’t let difficulties down, so the germination of the idea of starting their own business.

entrepreneurial experience: choosing a project must be carefully targeted, but you have to try to do, no matter how hard it is to bite the bullet and seize opportunities.

first sea lost family

1998 in that year, Zhou Yali went into business, initially, she felt in the textile and garment industry for 20 year, state-owned enterprises still held leadership positions, do a little sewing too lose face, do have something big.

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