Small wall can also bring business opportunities

business can be hot up, and most of the time is really a small move between the casual decision. Some time ago, my little daughter love with chalk in front of the store on the white wall graffiti, looking at the wall of the canvas, as she, my wife and I have a headache.

one day, Wang came to the store to shop, his five year old son ran up to me and said, "uncle, give me a piece of chalk? I also want to draw on the wall!" I handed him a piece of chalk in embarrassment. The little boy said in a loud voice, "thank you.".

Wang daughter-in-law praised: "children like painting. This family has a child, the boss really has a new idea, with this approach to the child like." After hearing this, I was really in the first place. But then I thought, if you really can give the store to attract business, Why not?? The walls are dirty, and then we’ll have to paint it again.

later, to graffiti more and more children, accompanied by the parents of the children are also more and more, my shop has become a gathering place, turnover also followed up. After this, I think, sometimes inadvertently a small thing is reflected in the customer’s needs, as long as the customer needs to meet, will bring us more business opportunities.

so, as the owner, we can not simply think of the sale of goods, if can be more from the point of view of the customer, even if it is a small move, there are more likely to win customer recognition, so that the business of the shop to get hot development. In short, do business needs a lot of thinking, so as to make the business has a better way out oh.

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