Suitable for the couple’s small entrepreneurial projects which

for different entrepreneurs, suitable for a variety of entrepreneurial opportunities will naturally be different. So, if we do business, naturally also need to find a good business opportunity for their own. So, for the couple’s small entrepreneurial projects?

venture partner, is one of the best business at the beginning of many small entrepreneurs in the choice of love, partnership business can not only reduce the failure risk index, but also can reduce the business to a certain extent in the capital, technology and experience of pressure. So, the initial entrepreneurial venture partner, this small entrepreneurs have a very good role in promoting, but, in particular, the business partnership is not only suitable for friends and colleagues, lovers of the partnership business is also a good choice.


couples outlook on life and values are very similar, collocation entrepreneurs can have very high degree of understanding, basis and in love, the dedication of enterprise more selfless, the corresponding cost is minimum, it can be said that there are other forms of entrepreneurship incomparable advantage. In fact, at home and abroad has also been a lot of couples or couples of classic success stories. However, the current market entrepreneurial projects mixed up, suitable for small business partners which have? Listen to small series for you slowly!

1, open a couple of hydroponic flower shop

at present, with the improvement of people’s living standards, ornamental flowers have been thousands of people at home. Especially in recent years, increasing environmental pollution, resulting in frequent fog and haze, prompting more people to focus on air quality and personal health. In the high demand for flowers and plants, it is clear that the original soil culture flowers have been unable to meet the needs of the market. As a new type of flowers, hydroponics has the characteristics of cleanness and sanitation.

open garden flower shop, the investment is small, high profit, easy to operate, shop decoration does not need too high, because the plant itself is a natural ornament. Lovers, you can put the store opened in a large flow of people around the University, to attract more college students consumption. In fact, for many college students, it is very meaningful to give each other a basin of love full of water plants, because they always think that this is the other side, the need for care, I hope to raise it well.

2, open a couple glasses shop

according to authoritative statistics, China currently has about 700 million people wearing glasses, of which about 400 million for myopia, most of them are young people, there are about 3 million elderly people need to wear glasses. This figure is amazing, is huge, but also why entrepreneurs should recommend the most important reason to open an optical shop.

Gansu Lanzhou University of Technology Chen and Xiao Hu is such a pair

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