Xiaobian tell you how to sell high prices to make money

a lot of shrewd businessmen are good at the original cost of items such as a few times or even several times the price, still can sell hot. People used to think not rape, this is precisely the way to get rich in contemporary entrepreneurs need to learn.

in procurement activities, people often say that the sentence is: "buy than sell fine". The so-called "fine" is to have more information, the use of information to obtain the right to control the transaction process. Now we come to the specific procurement inspection of a sophisticated consumer goods personal buyers, see if he or she in the procurement process can not be achieved because of the lack of information on how to correct the procurement, purchase to the right product at the right price.

in addition, she also have a large number of fashion magazines, the latest release of Paris, Rome, Milan, London, New York and other 8 major fashion center of fashion styles, she is crystal clear. Although her wardrobe has been filled with all kinds of clothing, but she can not help but go shopping every time to buy the latest style of clothing.

2. fashion cost information is more complex, the same fabric, style and workmanship of the clothing, because the content of the intangible capital, such as brand, origin, store sales result of different price difference, this has become a commercial practice, consumers have great identity.

3. fashion costs constitute the complexity of the information, so that buyers and sellers form a natural inequality, the seller has recommended

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