How to start a family business to be your own boss

many people want to start their own business to become rich, but how to become rich generation? How to start a family is a business, their own boss? Xiaobian for everyone to sum up a few points.

1, the industry you run, where the industry has a development prospects and how it will affect your business details.

2, market analysis and research: to ensure that there is sufficient demand for enterprise goods and services, so that enterprises survive.

3, land, buildings and equipment specifications, including local regulations.

4, the number of people required to hire.

5, including balance sheet and sales profit forecast financial plan.

6, the company faces a summary of risks, such as rising raw material costs, how to eliminate or reduce the impact of risk. Before setting up your own company, you’d better consult an accountant and a financial manager.

1, set up a home office desk, computer, fax machine and commercial telephone line.

2, service fees for professionals (e.g. lawyers or accountants).

3, supply, raw materials, inventory or samples (if sold).

4, suitable for family based comprehensive insurance, including from individuals, product liability to fire, loss, disaster protection, and even car, disability insurance.

5, bank service charges. This should be taken into account, unless you find a more cost-effective transaction.

6, registration fee.


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