Shenzhen Bay Nebula provides customers to create a business to accelerate service

in the different city, almost all have a very rapid economic development for many places, to entrepreneurs to provide more quality services to obtain good, many investors recognized. In the Gulf of Shenzhen, the nebula is no doubt such an attractive place.

Korean Entrepreneurs are particularly envious of China’s venture capital market." In Hong Shen, Chinese huge market volume and the "double dividend" for South Korean Entrepreneurs great temptation.

Hong Shen is co-founder of intelligent hardware accelerator geek nebula, nebula is located in the famous Zhongguancun business street of Shenzhen Bay Business Square, with its powerful hardware supply chain solutions ability to create customized to provide business services to accelerate.

in Shenzhen Huaqiang North, "if you can not find a material or components, the estimates are likely to find in the world." Shenzhen is the world’s hardware manufacturing, with perfect supply chain, Hong Shen will specialize in hardware supply chain service cloud in Shenzhen, from the beginning to face the global market, "out of the" international range of children".

last year, a delegation to visit the South Korean delegation came to the Gulf of Shenzhen, into the nebula, South Korea’s hardware entrepreneurs and the nebula opened the honeymoon period".

from November 2015 to January this year, just three months, "South Korea" program group to make a man of far sight Nebula interview, South Korean general introduces the status quo of Chinese innovation; South Korea’s Ministry of economic development to exchange nebula, incubator service policy; Korea trade and investment promotion agency and jointly organized the "Korean Nebula entrepreneurship exchange", mining venture between China and South Korea cooperation and innovation.

in addition to South Korea, Singapore entrepreneurs and the nebula is also a call".

in June last year, Shenzhen’s event maker fair brings together a collection of customers from around the world. At that time, the creation of the nebula and Singapore in the general assembly, "love at first sight". In Hong Shen’s words, it’s "on the line."".

Singapore hardware entrepreneurial team has been supported by the nebula in the supply chain, as well as products in the market channel cooperation. In April of this year, the nebula is with the Singapore economic development board to carry out a new business services exchange. "Singapore has invited the nebula to go there, but we want to focus on the domestic." Hong Shen said.

before the creation of the nebula, hung Shen also belong to venture capital circle, but the role of different. At that time, as an investor, every year to see a hundred projects hung Shen, well aware of the difficulties and problems faced by start-up companies, especially hardware startups.

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