Rural science and technology innovation service system will be held in Beijing

Zhongguancun branch personnel as the entrepreneurial base, has become a lot of help entrepreneurs, start-up companies to obtain better development. In order to better optimize the entrepreneurial ecosystem, Beijing rural science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship service system work conference held.

for the implementation of the national science and technology innovation center and the construction of the Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative innovation development strategy, accelerate the construction of Beijing agricultural city planning, rural science and technology innovation service system, rural development center of Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission recently organized the rural science and technology innovation service system exchange". Suburbs of Beijing Science and Technology Commission of the 5 districts, Beijing agricultural city park, innovation and entrepreneurship base of the relevant person in charge of the work exchange will be held in.

participants around the platform construction, innovation base standard and demand of science and technology innovation base launched the theme research, introduces the innovation and entrepreneurship good practices and experiences, and put forward the innovation in the process of policy, technology, new varieties demonstration, promotion and other aspects of the demand of science and technology.

2016 two sessions, we see the importance of policy for the development of rural economy, in order to promote the country’s overall development, promote rural innovation and entrepreneurship imperative!



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