Zhang Xiangming Well talk to customers

some people start to make people angry, this is the skills of speaking. For any one owner, if you want a good business, also need to master the natural speaking skills, need to really mean to speak along the customer, so that customers will Ershun, store business is good. Zhang Xiangming is to do so, below, let Xiaobian with everyone together to see how he is doing this.

as the saying goes, disagreeable conversation half sentence. By saying that customers want to listen to words to communicate with customers, is our integration into the hearts of customers, open the hearts of customers the first key. Over the years, in order to say that customers like to listen, then open the customer’s box, I did not think less. Previously, in addition to the use of the most basic and polite language: Hello, I will not name and character according to different people with uncle, aunt, uncle, aunt "approached the customers, and then according to the customer’s reaction to say different words, until the customer said to stop hot ears.

nowadays, with the development of the times, customers not only enjoy listening to good words more and more, but also more and more like to listen to fashionable words. In response to this kind of psychology, I once again obey the wishes of customers, with the "beauty, handsome boy," and other hot words. I did not expect, the move is indeed Qin effect.

, a nearly fifty female customers into the store after the left, see again, one by one in scanning the commodity price tag, I quickly ran past, grinning shouted: "beauty, what to buy goods!" After listening to the call of my passion, the female customer smiled and said: "all of this age, but also beauty!" Then I followed her words: "beauty is not in age, age and age of different charm".

this remark, the female customer said: "yes, who has not been young, ah, we have a young and beautiful time." And laughed. Close, I hurriedly said: "Strike while the iron is hot. you look so happy, what is the happy home!" Unexpectedly, the female customer quickly then saying: "it is really a blessing, my son will get married, this is not I see tobacco and candy varieties and price!"

from the language, I come to the conclusion that the customer is a shrewd man, quickly according to the main intent of its psychological said: "please rest assured, as long as you sincerely want to buy, I will give you the lowest price, and ensure the quality of the goods, if higher than the other shop, I will refund the difference". This one, female customers recognized my sincerity, is honest and sincere to me the basic level and demand her to buy alcohol and tobacco.

in order to meet her wishes, characteristics and price in my patience to the introduction of the various brands of tobacco, put forward some reasonable suggestions for it, and when I can suggest, one by one according to her preferences, help her buy analysis, let her.

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