Teach you to use QQ signature to promote SNS website

I don’t love to play QQ, mainly entertainment QQ is too strong, due to the recent try to engage in a website, just inside the SNS, so also oneself to study how to join rebels, make their own SNS can have people to visit.

of course, these are for the lack of rich interpersonal relationship, so can only think of various ways to do it. Exactly, he met with Wang said figure BBS signature promotion of such activities, therefore, I’ll figure that set to the king, the flowers on the wood QQ signature to marry. The reason why choose to start from QQ, do not choose BBS, there is a certain reason.

one, be sure to point out what your website is and where your target group is

my website is the South life network. My target group is in the working population. In actual use, QQ is much more widely used than BBS. In addition, I also found a special information, that is, 51, many people working in the crowd are inside, should be my next network promotion goals.

two, how do you write your QQ signature?


QQ signature has a very powerful function, that is, word length is not limited. As you write the number, the individual thinks to maintain in about 80 words, get to the point, the best is three words, the first sentence of his website, the second sentence attached to their web site, the third sentence to write a similar invitation topic.

three, how to leave a message?

want to be targeted, and how to choose QQ users message, I think it should still be different. I have studied it carefully, and the principles are as follows:

1, female net friend, beauty first.

girls are, in any case, the focus of attention in this society. Once chatting in a group, someone asked GJJ, "what kind of person can do SNS, GJJ answer: 20 beauties, and support you.".

2, frequently updated space priority

is now working, basically are linked to a QQ, a QQ space display, will tell you the space, have updates, this message mechanism message like, these users often go there. Can let more net friend see your AD.

3, update album space priority

pictures are always the most eye catching and often updated albums, which means that some people regularly visit their albums, so your message has a better chance of showing off.

4, net name is cool priority,

if the distinction between the screen name is cool, one of the easiest way is to look at the net name, if all those are not recognized symbols, that’s right. You must leave a message with your signature. He’s definitely going to visit your website, and…

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