Vertical website promotion experience easy to win advertising

with the popularity of the Internet, now the webmaster is more and more, the webmaster’s threshold is also getting lower and lower, and now the CMS system is everywhere, BBS system, DZ, PW and so on has been very mature. And the introduction of these systems is very low, less than half an hour will be able to build a web site, which makes the birth of the webmaster is now faster and faster.

with the impact of the national policy during this period, the registration volume of CN has become more difficult, and the requirements for filing have been getting higher and higher. The speed of the birth of the stationmaster was affected, but the birth of the site was quite quick.

website owners more and more, all kinds of websites also more and more, many people’s Web site is not good, competition is too big, the website is not good, it is difficult to realize profit. To want to enter the ranks of the webmaster friends, I think that if he did not grasp the talent shows itself in the competition, not profitable and generate the site of words, I think it is the best choice of the competition is not very intense industry, namely vertical industry site, do fine in one direction. For example, I saw a recent successful case: monitoring website, this website is a vertical website, direction is single, professional is very strong, only the postgraduate stage will involve in this industry, but there is a little problem is the direction of the people, even all the people visit, traffic is not great, but the the success of the site to achieve profitability, achieve monitoring businesses of all ages from birth to 1 years, businesses going to long-term cooperation and websites, and a one-time sign for 5 years plan. Of course, monitoring site success is not free and cannot do without the hard work of the team website, such as free exchange of resources, free development of monitoring field of professional software, they use the real thing for others, return rate is very high, the membership is also very high passion. So, with PV, still afraid of no businessman?


here, I personally think that the vertical industry website is a choice for today’s webmaster, a small range, competitiveness is small, easy for webmasters to find a way out. Here is my summary of some of the experiences I’ve learned after studying vertical web sites:

1, as far as possible to choose competitive, pressure small industry, even if the industry is not a small field;

2, do webmaster must attentively do station, more for members to consider, the website of this platform as everyone, not your own;

3, open-minded, like successful webmaster learning, learn from previous experience;

4, in-depth study of professional areas, to find a breakthrough, you can go to develop some of the tools in the field of software, to provide convenience for everyone, but also stick to the user;

5, the last point, do stand, just like a man, and members of the exchange and learning, listen to the voices of members.

above, for a long time I have some summary of the summary of the vertical web site, I hope we can help. Last reminder: do your heart, stand, use your brain to do the station.


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