Talking about the website 2 months all the keywords on Baidu home feeling

a chance I contacted SEO! The story must be traced back to 08 years in May 2nd, the day belongs to the Labor Day holiday, and I did not leave, just resigned from Shenzhen a large brand clothing chain stores, with a loss to an international trading company in Guangzhou. After a period of understanding, I know that the company’s business source is dozens of overseas Google home page of the industry website, also from there, I will gradually feel the charm of SEO. At that time, I only know of SEO SEO absolutely ignorant of, like magic, let our company website miraculously from dozens of tens of thousands of Web site jump to the Google overseas search engine home page, I was thinking, if I can make a website to get home if you go to estimate every month the boss is coming from the salary inside, should be more then $one hundred or two hundred bonus, which will be not a small help to me 450 yuan monthly rent, but at the time, this idea is just as a beautiful dream in my memory deep precipitation.

Guangzhou is the place where I was in college, I love everything here, although some of the air pollution, the occasional human indifference, but here, no matter where I lost in one area, I can find a willing to let me stay in not more than 20 yuan taxi fee case, and provide second day breakfast classmates or friends. As the financial turmoil hit in late 08, many people broke down, many laid off, and many paid… Many people are begging on the streets… I smell the blood. A dashing society in the shortness of breath… I paid the red light to my life, the extreme embarrassment that makes me want a very evil thought: SEO! I think I was crazy, completely lost his mind, because I University majoring in logistics management, the network knowledge is limited to the network game and some cyber source search download and I can learn SEO?! serious contradictions heart bothering me…

until February 11th of this year, I was searching the Internet when SEO learning materials met Wu, after 3 hours of conversation, Wu convinced me, then everyone can think of is, I spent more than half a month’s salary on his training class. Remember that day to pay, I bite the teeth, broken a few months with my water glass, I learn SEO with firm determination, the situation at the time let me fully feel to the tragic feelings and Farewell to My Concubine… .

February 16th, I formally accepted Wu training, the 19 day I bought this watch network space now website, I was in my guidance system website upload, analysis of the domain name, set up a website title and description, and website information needed to be added, my watch also is from this day the birth of the beginning.

, insert my web site here so that everyone can understand my article:, the current web site >

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