The stationmaster should stand in one direction


, I’ve lost my career in the past few years. I now think calmly, the website is developed step by step, but not Tandaqiuquan, no money webmaster should seize a point of attack, and to my for example. I only do local classification information, this is a point, a very small point. Perhaps a lot of websites say to do classified information, be like 58, word of mouth that do countrywide. In fact, you are wrong, not so much energy to operate the personal webmaster, as long as we have independent domain name, do local, with the line of cooperation, they become items, it is difficult to shake our position. Grab a point, we can have this point as the supporting point, continue to expand outwards, the original Tandaqiuquan you wish to have the capital also has experience to achieve.

however, Hangzhou life network forum, because I am not in a hurry, classification of information channel is added, there is no flow no user, we should lock the existing users, the development of new users, the forum is the best popularity, popularity up classification information channel will naturally do. A little offbeat life in Hangzhou, is a forum for the subject, in order to classify information for limb sites, it may not be the popular website and I routines, a reverse thinking station webmaster.

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