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did a small station, Baidu has not included, why? Many predecessors said I stand this keyword is too heavy, pornographic and violent, told me that Baidu is difficult to close, my heart at that time are completely gray, do not know whether it should continue to do so, but I have no choice, because I choose I don’t know what to choose, I don’t know what to do what station. I this station or through the network to sexual inspiration, then I added a SEO group, to discuss with them, do not know who said, in breaking your station station to update, spiders will love, so Baidu will also be included, and I die straws when every morning, adhere to update my stand up in the morning, the first thing is to open the computer with 3 articles, 3 articles every day is not fixed before no less than, more regular, with dedecms but no acquisition, I manually added, because I want to check, disrupt the order, but also let the the smooth, after adding 3 articles began to see the SEO knowledge, a simple SEO on the website.

and then change the template to fix the ad position. My definition article is not included, but it should be paid. To each BBS BBS my station, Baidu not included when standing IP every day can reach 500 or so. May be because of my diligence at will to Baidu when I was 3 weeks, and my ranking row to my most love position, in the Baidu search keywords     skills, skills, gender, are ranked in the first page of a good position on the first page (not in first, I think it is a good place).

I wrote this article to tell us what is the truth of it, we must adhere to the new website with, but not to copy others website, or take a look at home by spider food, the food with the family you will put your food as like as two peas away, unless you have enough content of food than a spider the food in the big.

and one thing is, this type of website does not apply for GG ad applications. If you want to make money on GG ads, don’t do this type of website.

, if you don’t believe me, IP can check my statistics password 123456789

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