Some experiences of local talent network operation

perhaps the local talent network operation is already saturated, but since there is competition, there is profit point, can go to compete, so many owners have to enter the local talent network competition. This is a hot trend highlights our current owners impetuous psychology, but some webmaster but because repeatedly tricks, or in the competition to win, for his success lay a solid foundation, so the local talent network competition in the Baidu pomegranate algorithm, how to go how can break through the combination of Qizheng, competition

bottom line!

first talk about traffic competition,

for local talent network operators, although the importance of flow is not too strong, but there is no flow of local talent obviously will die soon, so how to compete between local talent network traffic? The usual method is SEO, but for the local characteristics, the effect of the SEO does not seem so strong, because of concerns talent network traffic is more local users, thus highlighting the regional attribute, this and other comprehensive website is distinct.

then the core channel local talent website traffic competition where? The author thinks that local groups, local portal, and the flow of competitors, also known as poaching, which is one of the most direct, the most effective means of competition, strong oneself, weakening the competition. QQ group is a hotly contested spot, while the local Baidu Post Bar is also a hotly contested spot, and in order to facilitate and website users to communicate, even we can build a large group, and in the WeChat era, established WeChat group is also a good to enhance the flow of loyalty.

the enemy awareness, for local talent website, want to beat the competition, it must first understand the competitors from the start. At present, there are many competitors for local talent websites, such as recruitment channels for local gateways, information release channels for local information websites and local talent network counterparts, all of which are potential and direct

then talk about rival competitors, Baidu pomegranate algorithm, analysis of competitors can not simply from the chain analysis, but more from the popular website content quality and the line begins, because local talent network visibility and popularity is very important, can effectively improve the site traffic and competitiveness, so the analysis of competitors, from these aspects to find problems, aimed at other weaknesses, improve their own short board, so as to achieve a breakthrough.

finally talk about the content of the website,

why are you putting your content in the final to talk about, because this is a very important, especially in the Baidu pomegranate algorithm, website content quality has become decide the success or failure of the killer, so for a local talent net website content quality element which is clearly known as? On the website of the more original resume, recruitment information, change.

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