The network gave me 400 thousand seven years ago that’s all

I always thought I was a genius! I always think oneself is a talent! I always thought I was a fool!

, this is me. It’s always a state of mind. Perhaps it represents a lot of people like me, the mood of the webmaster. The road ahead is very confused,

network for seven years, never like today’s impulse, want to write about their feelings. One reason is that I can’t write well, but I think the main reason is that I haven’t thought about my life for the past seven years and stopped myself for seven years.

seven years ago, in the winter of 2002, it didn’t snow. I made my first choice in life and gave up my last semester in high school. I chose to use my money to open an Internet cafe in my county town. The loss of time, such as water, two years later, sold the Internet bar, leaving only the money to sell computers, lost 40 thousand. Because during the opening of Internet cafes, already contacted the network, web pages, websites. After selling Internet cafes to concentrate on your website, I use my ASP do not familiar with the novel, music, movie website, the website is actually mostly for interest, remember by a network of business living garbage. It was not until 06 years ago that I discovered the madness of SP, so I began to do the garbage station and touch the ball. Soon, traffic increases rapidly, the arrival of the money is from single digits to two digits each, two digits to three digits, I think I have found the money, so he has given up twenty thousand or thirty thousand IP novels and music station. Remember the good times don’t last long is 06 years, 56 months or what SP cross, then use edge ball to earn GG dollars (crazy traffic flow into English all the usual way, station). Later, it failed. Experience the first half of the crazy test to make money, and their bank cards also have about 400000. Consumption, stocks. By the end of the year there were 400 thousand, and Chengdu bought a house, 320 thousand. After that, the site can barely sustain its daily expenses.

07 years pregnant girlfriend, the Spring Festival back home to get married, 08.08.18, my baby was born smoothly, a very healthy little boy. The experience of happiness, never before! Also deeply felt the wife’s happiness and pain! After the birth of the children, we all went back home, because there are small businesses in the family, parents can not go away, take the baby back. Parents can help take care of the baby and reduce some of the expenses. Because of the earthquake, our house postponed to others time, September only submitted, after others, I returned to Chengdu, busy decoration.

write so much, once again, to determine their own talent level is not high, I do not know what I want to express a meaning. Now I’m alone in Chengdu, and I’ve got 1000 living expenses, but there are some small things I haven’t bought at home. Now I have no income for my website. My wife and children are spending money at home and at home. Recently, I have been thinking about what brought me into this position. When I didn’t earn any money from GG, I gave up the edge ball website and made a novel station

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