Novice Adsense undesirable several bad habits

stood there for some time, in general, from the beginning to the station now, the way the bitterness and happiness only know his heart, however, came to the owners of the road was just a repeat of other owners of the pace of it, the last time in cyberloafing have found many new Adsense in some the process of establishment of bad habits. I found that a lot of bad habits are what I have experienced before. In this case, I think it is necessary to talk about it. The main points are as follows.

1: blindly follow the trend of

believe that many webmaster website construction to play for a long time after the network into the ranks of the ranks of the people, many of the webmaster see a certain web site to do from the media, how much money a few months like news, especially in the case of hao123 as the representative. That website can easily earn money, and then jumped into the circle also done in one vigorous effort, want hard fishing, but I am here to discourage the Internet according to the latest survey data show that the results and I and other owners exchange, now under the network environment, the real money accounts for only 20% of the webmaster what to do, said how to earn money, you calm down and think you will find some businesses in the promotion of their products.

two: lack of patience,

has many novice webmaster website built, on the Internet, it can be like other popular websites, you can make money immediately, the site of the building as a fast food shops open, as long as you can quickly opened a restaurant. But the actual results tend to disappoint them, the site no one visited, deserted. So they soon discouraged, and the enthusiasm from the climax down to the trough, so lost enthusiasm for the construction of the site, the follow-up construction of the site is often unable to keep up, and even give up halfway. They may not know, in fact, we build the site itself is a product, in addition to this product to adapt to market demand, but also work hard to promote, in order to obtain public awareness of it. Now CMS technology is very mature, very easy to build a site, that is to say a personal webmaster production website product promotion is very easy, but it is a very difficult thing for this product, need to spend a lot of time and energy, and the need to have enough patience to personal webmaster. Take my site in the QQ network, every day I as long as the Internet, will spend three hours on my website maintenance and update to the network promotion, and every day, the so-called "revolution on the consciousness, hold the tau drink" the truth, you should join the ranks of the webmaster, you must consciously do a personal webmaster do. And see who sticks to the end, that is, the remnant is king".

three: the pursuit of "perfection"

there are a lot of individual webmaster in the design of the website, excessive pursuit of vision and function, and often ignore the main thing of the site – valuable content >

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