My personal stationmaster’s Road

when in contact with computer I have a problem puzzled, "is how to do it? It is how to let others view? I always feel very puzzled these two questions, then admire those who engage in Web site, the old feeling they are genius, they are doing some common people do things out of


real contact web design is in 06 years, when suddenly I do not know how to create web pages generated a lot of interest, so I bought several books about web design and production of books, by reading I know what is FTP, what is DW, realized "want to let others must navigate to placed on the server to know what is what the top-level domain name two level domain name, slowly, my interest in creating web pages is more and more strong.

in July last year, I started my first website, it is a game site, because I was very interested in the games! DW to do with a page and a page ", although it is not beautiful, but do it always have a sense of achievement from the online application and done! A free space and two domain names, FTP upload software uploaded to the Internet, the website to start running! Anyway, I can successfully navigate to the site on the Internet, after a month of hard work

not in vain!

from the website on the Internet that day, my day even if it is coming to an end, to update every day so busy every day, making CS maps, but also provide the game skills, the game Raiders, all the work I do, it can be said that a few months to get my "virgin" and that is really no one slept well, not really relax, all the time thinking of what to write the Raiders, how the map is completed, the time to do stand, can be said to be very simple, completely depend on the interest, without any other distractions!

did this for several months, during which I through the QQ group, the BBS also learned the GGAD said, also learned the website advertising that is to say, that time can be said to have moved a little website money idea, while the websites of the poor, few people every day to browse, but I do have a lot of friends stand by, ask me to play games, a web site, in which there are


in 08 years around March, I heard that this station (ashamed, hehe), see the Internet what people say trash money soon, garbage station maintenance station to money ah, ah what, by looking at the data, I learned that the so-called white trash said the other is collecting information on your own online! The use of SEO allows the search engine to bring traffic to the site

!In fact, from the

website to see the garbage station, I still don’t know what a CMS is, say you may not believe that this is actually, I do not know what was the CMS, once in a QQ group and to make a station, someone said I did portals, gave a

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