Talk about Valley guest station why can stand upright

this morning in the Baidu search in the valley of "excellent" the site found the first page would be replaced by the webmaster website content page to search again, the afternoon has been restored to the higher the weight of the site keywords after entry.

after a day of observation and a long-term follow-up, I think:

1, the site’s Web site weight on Baidu is no longer important (Zblog, for example).

obviously, in the early days of the popular keyword site program selection is not only SEO, very fond of Zblog, you can use PIGG, or even a single page. I think, web standards, web applications, web site domain name in Baidu search engine, which is not a great impact on the site overall weight score, let us a little more daring, I want to see the "Valley excellent forum".

2, unpopular keywords, single page is kingly way.

are popular keywords before, must immediately make a website! This is very important, in Baidu search, seems to be the formation of popular keywords get website weight is very high, so I saw a lot of the site more than Baidu’s own home Baidu, Baidu encyclopedia, etc..

3, must have a good home page keywords layout.

although the competition is in the final result of the rankings and win, but in my mind, who can in the fastest, most effective, the shortest time into the first page of Baidu, the first three who will be fierce. After all, "Valley hundred" activities and competition is just a search engine for everyone’s understanding, and professional Adsense, I believe that we all want to do in the short run to achieve the best ranking effect.

4, "Valley best" competition site must be bold design and production.

people, "Gu Gu Hao" hit a lot of people a slap in the face, including the famous one and so and so and so, although the gimmick is the next three indiscriminate point, but after all, it is reality. There is a saying: "what I want is not the passing, but the result."

so, are the competitors who are participating or preparing for the competition to be more bold, making "Valley best" stock station, "Valley best" forum, etc.?. According to my idea, Baidu now on the "official" and "cooperative sites" these considerable do not care, Baidu prefer stiff, unusual things. For example, Baidu is now ranked second in valley’s best place".

5, follow-up work, link is kingly way.

Single page design bold

, unique quiet news, a top-level domain, the subsequent need to do a lot of work, and now Baidu GG, love Links (note that I said is Baidu advocate friendship link).

6, unfortunately, there is no time to participate.

if I were, I would still use traditional forms to do page design, and still use a single page, and even the website name is "Valley best" forum. >

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