Where will junk sites go

recently blocked Baidu adjustment algorithm, a large number of garbage station (for example, to do something on Youku, potatoes, which makes a lot of garbage sites) is the core of Baidu webmaster seems to be taken by surprise, to combat spam sites. From my own point of view, what is a garbage station, that is, too many copies of content, the original is too small, so some collection station, this time received a great blow. I think, even if I’m a garbage dump, I’m going to make a good garbage station. At the very least, the content is readable and original. We can change an angle to think, if I were a netizen, through search keywords to your site, but your site is out of order, the content is being copied thousands of times, no one can love. So it would have smashed Baidu’s brand, and Baidu wouldn’t have been so foolish to let you go on like this. So, I think, what, SEO, first of all, there is a premise, that is content, this is basic, if we can not even do this, it will probably be banned. Everything should be professional ethics, and SEOER is no exception. I hope everyone will be more and more.

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