Publicity and marketing around users is the core of enterprise website construction

for enterprise website construction, who is the real customers? Or website construction should be more suit who needs, or as an enterprise, it should build a kind of website? This is very close between many website construction companies and their customers. On the one hand, many enterprises themselves lack of systematic thinking, not professional, think the site construction as long as beautiful, and even part of the website construction agent just to meet the boss’s appetite. From another point of view, from the website construction company, based on the professional point of view and in a responsible manner for users, I hope users can more from the web browser and late search marketing starting. So contradictory, is also a lot of website construction company confused place, between customers and users, website construction how to carry out better?

has been developing for more than ten years. With the maturity of the Internet environment, enterprises use the Internet to develop rapidly. This development is most obvious is that in the vast majority of companies are now slowly built their own web site. As a business card on the Internet, enterprise websites have been attracting more and more attention and become more and more important. Although a seemingly but most companies understand flowers blooming like a piece of brocade, and the application of the site is not so ideal. Although the website of enterprises, has become indispensable, but many companies still only stay in a website (no better than Liao’s point of view, many companies believe that as long as there is on the line), and no further applications. Understand how to do the website, must know why to do website, its real purpose in where, professional website construction company pilotage science and technology point of view is, around the user publicity, marketing is the core of enterprise website construction.

1, publicity oriented, corporate website should effectively enhance the image of

if an enterprise does not have a website, it must lose an opportunity to participate in the competition on the internet. Many companies do web site at the beginning, the purpose is only, through the search engine can query their company information can. Especially for a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises, micro enterprises and even more than 20 people, subject to cost budget in the choice of site construction company, the price has become the choice of key factors. Such consideration, the choice may understand, after all, regarding the newly started small company, the small enterprise, the fund will always be a question which must consider carefully. But ignore a more important factor, no scruples, that is, what is the purpose of website


no doubt, the purpose of enterprise website construction is absolutely not only has the website is so simple, and the website is similar to the enterprise on the Internet of a business card, carrying the task of enterprise image communication. A well-designed and perfect site will undoubtedly give viewers a good impression. Similarly, rough and even open full speed such as lack of pace like website, will give users the impression left inferior position is unhappy, is in the fierce competition. The website is well designed and can effectively convey the image of the packaging enterprise. The browser will recognize the enterprise as well as the design and manufacture of the recognized website. If >

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