Please also render the soft text to the face

business Yi red appeal: soft Wen to normal track, otherwise soft text will be difficult to develop.

Since the

since 1999 naobaijin created a soft myth, the soft has been crazy for ten years. The soft 1999-2000 is also the first soft climax, businesses and websites began to pay attention to the soft and active imitation; from 2002 " Tsinghua tea " and " Cnsrs" mode to enter another climax, professional software writers and the team began to emerge. But from 2003, the brilliant period of soft Wen has passed, into a stable period, soft Wen media also began to rise, almost with hard advertising flat, so soft Wen was forced to start innovation

now, as long as it is a mention of soft Wen, many people will despise, will say that it is a spam ad article, is some copy other people’s article, plus your own links. What is really soft? Yigong business experts believe: soft article is concept analysis of specific products and based on the demands of consumers, according to a text mode of psychological guidance, in essence, it is the embodiment of enterprise soft penetration business strategy in the advertising form, consumers agree some concepts, views and analysis ideas usually with the text and expression of public opinion, so as to achieve the enterprise brand promotion and sale of the product. Instead of hanging up our links like our present article.

soft text is a kind of strong permeability, soft advertising business as the result of his own should have science, knowledge and news, let the reader in the unknown to God or ghost. Accept our information, remember our website and products. And now most of the soft strong commercial flavor, without a little bit of valuable information, even worse is wanton on someone else’s article in order to publicize their own purposes, so that the majority of Internet users are not willing to accept. Such an article will not bring you any useful value at all.

soft text is a euphemism, with humane, full way to sell their website and products. Not like now so domain name sale and so on, the text of the human side of the far left. Some of the actual soft text has been hated by Internet users

is a soft text should be true to life, the soul of the people are willing to accept, at the same time they accept an idea of acceptance of our products, so as to make the soft effect is the best into our interests, we can achieve the purpose of writing soft wen.

now we are writing soft when no exam papers the same article can be a lot of people use, just change the link, this article will be welcomed by the users? We think? Soft must have their own center, and the existence of the soul, can let the soul to dominate our soft, in order to launch their own products, and that consumers will be willing to accept.


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