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introduction: Daily orchard this control of the supply chain from their business model – source picking, from distribution, self built cold storage, to control everything in their hands.


"like red wine, you mustn’t mess around with fruit," Wang Wei said as he pulled out an orange from the freezer. The orange is small and has the same alluring yellow color as the sun. It is a new product coming out of orchard every day. It is called "natural sweet Yunnan crystal sugar orange"". "It’s best to eat at zero to four degrees, so it’s frozen in the fridge, just like white wine."." Wang Wei said as he peeled the oranges, and the room was filled with the sweet smell of fresh orange peel.

he and his partner Zhao Guozhang are not 40 years old, the two began to venture together five years ago in fact partners are university students, their work seven years after graduation, after all coincidental touch together created the orchard every day, until today.

now orchard every day is China’s largest fruit electricity supplier, last year sales of 240 million yuan, this figure is more than all other fruit electricity supplier sales together even larger. What does not correspond to achievement is their reputation. Outside the user and fruit industry, very few people know about them, especially the Internet industry. They are always far from the internet.

they’ve done a lot of things in the last five years. Five big warehouses have been built across the country. They have built their own distribution team and developed hundreds of fruit products. These down-to-earth things make them very confident.

controls the supply chain in its own hands,

2013, the entire industry is exploring whether the C2B model can be used on fresh – user Reservations, merchants picking from the origin, and in a certain period of time to the user’s hands. This model is not new in the field of household appliances, but no one has done so on fresh raw materials, because of the high demand for supply chain.

"we don’t think it’s a problem because in the past four years, we have completely opened up all the links in the source, packaging, transportation, and we can control the picking and delivery to the country.". "Zhao Guozhang said.

last summer, orchard every day the first day of the country, selling cherry in advance mode. They found the old partner of Northwest cherry association do this together, epoch-making at the then U.S. ambassador to China Mr. Luo Jiahui sent the first cherry. That year, when cherries were still growing on trees, 50 thousand people had been placed in the country. These people got the product within 72 hours of picking cherries, when leaves and stems were green. In this way, the orchard sold 168 tonnes of cherries a day in a week, and eventually sold 208 tonnes of cherries all over the platform.

behind this is the power of the Internet C2B model, but also daily control of the supply chain of the orchard. Take time, which is the most important thing for fresh, >

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