car service market continues to expand, so that the majority of investors to see the unlimited business opportunities, to occupy a space for one person in this area, the need to know more about a specific skill, only with other brands difficult to reproduce the characteristics, in order to better achieve the development of chain store set, the. What are some good suggestions for investing in auto beauty stores?

is the first form of investment: can choose a franchise or build its own stores, and business investment is not too car beauty, lack of management experience and technical knowledge, recommended to choose the form of franchise, to choose well-known brands to join in the choice to join the enterprise. read more

some people start to make people angry, this is the skills of speaking. For any one owner, if you want a good business, also need to master the natural speaking skills, need to really mean to speak along the customer, so that customers will Ershun, store business is good. Zhang Xiangming is to do so, below, let Xiaobian with everyone together to see how he is doing this.

as the saying goes, disagreeable conversation half sentence. By saying that customers want to listen to words to communicate with customers, is our integration into the hearts of customers, open the hearts of customers the first key. Over the years, in order to say that customers like to listen, then open the customer’s box, I did not think less. Previously, in addition to the use of the most basic and polite language: Hello, I will not name and character according to different people with uncle, aunt, uncle, aunt "approached the customers, and then according to the customer’s reaction to say different words, until the customer said to stop hot ears. read more

Zhongguancun branch personnel as the entrepreneurial base, has become a lot of help entrepreneurs, start-up companies to obtain better development. In order to better optimize the entrepreneurial ecosystem, Beijing rural science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship service system work conference held.

for the implementation of the national science and technology innovation center and the construction of the Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative innovation development strategy, accelerate the construction of Beijing agricultural city planning, rural science and technology innovation service system, rural development center of Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission recently organized the rural science and technology innovation service system exchange". Suburbs of Beijing Science and Technology Commission of the 5 districts, Beijing agricultural city park, innovation and entrepreneurship base of the relevant person in charge of the work exchange will be held in. read more

in the different city, almost all have a very rapid economic development for many places, to entrepreneurs to provide more quality services to obtain good, many investors recognized. In the Gulf of Shenzhen, the nebula is no doubt such an attractive place.

Korean Entrepreneurs are particularly envious of China’s venture capital market." In Hong Shen, Chinese huge market volume and the "double dividend" for South Korean Entrepreneurs great temptation.

Hong Shen is co-founder of intelligent hardware accelerator geek nebula, nebula is located in the famous Zhongguancun business street of Shenzhen Bay Business Square, with its powerful hardware supply chain solutions ability to create customized to provide business services to accelerate. read more

many people want to start their own business to become rich, but how to become rich generation? How to start a family is a business, their own boss? Xiaobian for everyone to sum up a few points.

1, the industry you run, where the industry has a development prospects and how it will affect your business details. read more

in fact, learn from the successful experience of others can make oneself to more rapid success, what we should pay attention to the method and experience of the open shop is so, so open shop needs to learn some of what kind of experience? Let’s analyze it!

More and more information of potential customers

1. you can get their attention, and resources are limited, so you must try to provide free information useful to their life or business, to get their attention resources, and reached the final goal of buying. read more

speaking of tea, for every Chinese people should not be unfamiliar, even if they are not tea lovers, but in hospitality, always use a variety of tea. And a survey shows that China’s tea population is about 260 million, tea sales market potential. Open tea shop to make money is an indisputable fact. So, open tea shop profit? Big investment? Xiao Bian for you to make the following analysis:

from Shanghai regions, Tianshan tea, tea plantation, nine Tenfu, Wang Mantian, Mount Huangshan tea shop have formed a certain scale of sales. Among them, the development of Tenfu is particularly rapid, now has more than and 520 stores, and formed a production and marketing of a complete marketing system, 2005 sales of 520 million yuan. It is worth mentioning that, 60-180 yuan of mid-range tea in Shanghai, especially for the market, for the general public good; and high-end gift tea due to white-collar workers and high-income earners welcome, but also has a certain market potential. read more

many small start-up company, employees are full of passion, with the expansion of company, employees are also increasing, slowly discovered that the communication becomes less, but also no longer have the beginning of passion, so how to make our   entrepreneurial team to keep the passion?

read more