love IT this line, put it on the high fine and hot, spent five years study, hard work pays off.

to the website this line also small achievement, that is oneself have a website, also be regarded as a grass root stationmaster, in the website course, I have done the non mainstream station, have done the game portal website, have done shopping website

remember before graduation, the director of graduate work, when I work, very happy at the time, said the website according to your idea to develop, will have a development prospect, with his comments made my heart is very uncomfortable. read more

the importance of the chain is self-evident, is the optimization of the daily work of practitioners. There are many ways to the outside of the chain, the chain forum is one of the more common, because the number of giant forum, relative to other way chain audit is relatively loose, although rumors of search engines reduce weight forum outside the chain, but if you can do the chain in some high weight forum, the effect is good the. Note today, how to put yourself in the high weight BBS published, the chain of skills and share with you. read more

, you are all big brother, I just talk about my own ideas, there are wrong places, pointing out, we exchange together……

welcome to my station to see under the guidance of ice / QQ space forum


1. positioning

I do feel station, the most important position! It’s like a big company, you need to determine the direction of development of the company, because it may decide what you can not succeed! Go to a place selling cars don’t have food to eat, I feel this bad attention through read more

with the evolution of technology, the art and skills of Web design are evolving. New technologies create new challenges, while new ones require new solutions. We usually work in uncharted territory and need new solutions. Given the limited history of Web design, we must go beyond the current field to answer more challenging questions. To this end, we can learn from other unrelated areas of history, such as music, from which we can find solutions that can help us solve our problems. The following is a short story about Bach in the early eighteenth Century. read more

one, internal factors:

1, web content, web content is the core of the site, prompting users to visit your source. The design of your website page and architecture is more reasonable. If there is no content, then you can only call it a skeleton with good clothes. Here users can not get a little something of value, then you will exist in name only, no one is willing to once again into a commodity shop no opinion, even if you store design more attractive. Second, good shops must constantly introduce new sources of goods. You should pay attention to the content of the web site update, not as a pool of stagnant water, can enrich themselves to attract more visitors, and more search engine’s favor, of course the content of your site and your site positioning must be consistent, you can not be a tree in front of the store clothing store brand, but in selling pork. read more

not long ago, I had just hand the car keys, the heart joy and clinking, watching the new MAGOTAN, think over time our company will be from dove can live to high-grade cage spacious office, office area is from more than 100 square meters to expand to four hundred square meters, and the excitement will arise spontaneously. At that moment, I thought a lot, not from the front of the scene ten years ago.

ten years ago, I took 400 yuan from Shenzhen with my heart, that dream, experienced a variety of setbacks, began my struggle life. read more

The small crocodile

share 20 can be simple and effective method to improve the site traffic, if you have experience of drainage, you can refer to the following methods, may have new inspiration or help you recall some effective drainage techniques.

1. people always like free things, even if it is not worth mentioning the basic course, people will rush. That’s because the nature of man is to gain profit. So when promoting your site, you can consider offering some free e-book to those who wish to enter your email address to your list of subscriptions. read more

I securities practitioner, more than 10 years old, is also regarded as an old stock investors. Early with the trend also in gold and other major blog, write some comments such as personal investment experience, but also achieve the best during the day to browse tens of thousands. 08 years, the stock market big bear stop more than 20 years, and when you want to write, consciously has been unable to keep up with the trend, coupled with the feeling that the blog is also limited, not enough to write their own needs. I would like to find my own securities website, and be free to become my own real space. Since then, he began to prepare enthusiastically, which is expected to embark on a difficult road to build a long road. read more

network marketing is a strategic project of the enterprise, and the implementation of the network marketing strategy needs a marketing team with reasonable configuration, close coordination and strong fighting ability. A suitable network marketing team should include network marketing planning personnel, network technical personnel, content creation personnel, network promotion personnel, network marketing management personnel. How to configure the team, according to the company’s marketing status, marketing templates, manpower, material resources, financial resources comprehensive consideration, with a suitable team, network marketing strategy has been successfully half. read more

Baidu is getting more and more cattle now. The domestic search engine, monopolized almost the entire Chinese search market, can be said to be successful summon wind and call for rain frowned,! It, do not know how many webmaster so frightened, on tenterhooks. Because Baidu keeps their web site, because Baidu provides them with the survival of the blood – traffic


webmaster to Baidu can say is love and hate, and depend on and helpless. Can only serve Baidu carefully, to cater to his appetite. But even this can not escape the fate of being strangled. Not long ago, Marx was banned by Baidu, and the whole country did not know how many movie station owners fell from heaven into hell overnight. Many people can not believe their eyes, wake up, site their own domain name, the result is 0, do not believe, and then site, and then site, site, site, or 0, tens of thousands of IP, instant drop of very few. At the moment Marx forum huddled, tragedy was born…… read more