we all know, Shanghai dragon Chinese stands for search engine optimization.

webmaster tools Shanghai Longfeng data benchmark, obtained through the search engine to find a keyword, the search results will show hundreds of thousands or even tens of millions of related information, related information. While the ordinary user’s energy is limited, can not read every search information, it needs to make their choices. For ordinary people, usually choose to view about 10 results, there is a need to organize information. read more

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record with certification is not essential for most sites, except of course on the domestic site, you are not on the record are not on the line, what about the Shanghai dragon. The certification and registration is generally the policy and regulatory factors, certification and part of the commercial factors. The Shanghai dragon for individuals that can play a role of authority or official endorsement. But I think that the current search engines should not need to use the information on the site of the birth to be identified, of course, his own institutions and non-profit certification should still have some positive points. read more

with the Shanghai dragon service is widely perceived. Shanghai Longfeng service more and more enterprises, everything has two sides, while the traditional enterprise stand optimization is mainly optimized for several main keywords, if some of the more popular keywords, so even if is optimized to love the first page of Shanghai cannot give site bring much traffic. So the future of the enterprise will be determined by the station optimization keyword optimization to the whole optimization, or is the integration of network marketing more popular. Nonsense not pull, so enterprise station to ZhengZhan optimization? To increase Shanghai Longfeng flow from what way? Following a customer to the website as an example, figure: read more

blog points independent blog and BSP blog, I said here is the BSP blog, the common Sina, Tianya, love Shanghai space, Sohu, NetEase and so on. The blog promotion is a website or forum to help enhance the visibility, gather popularity, to allow more people to join the exchange platform in the way of success, but want to use blog to promote to pay attention to the details:

second: to create a high quality blog, high quality original Bowen, both to ensure the user’s interests, and can cause the search engine’s favorite. Although the search engine love high quality original Bowen, Bowen updated every day but also to control the number of the two or three or so, and not more, the spider is more love, but will feel disgusted. Early blog do not add any links or text aim, it is easy to do by the spider’s mind, will not be accepted, even the possibility of K or some. Of course, even after the sight can add text, the best control in 3-5. Post appropriate with keywords is possible, and the tag set, these are to be noticed. read more


two elements, a large site, one for small sites, domestic website updated every day a large number of articles, they have their own team, division of labor is very detailed, if the channel page is very large, need a optimized add one to two editors, the staff need to choose keywords optimization optimization, selection key words, content needs into key elements, always without words, each category of what needs to be done, whether in the keyword content title, keywords, search the user needs, this is the optimization of personnel need to do. If it is a small site, only need to select the main keywords, to select the column page keywords, taking into account the page, taking into account the content. If you apply for a portal, facing the keyword matching, such as classification, search results page Changsha second-hand car, second-hand car trading market, like, if only to provide a ranking of models, there is no advantage, most of them are ranked 58, go to the market, or trading site, these platforms will take this ranking. Keywords these sites are made, such as the transfer of second-hand car, driving school, 4S shop, bicycle, what kind of car most frequently, the matching degree is higher, but with the directory do, because there are a lot of matches, do is a special form of the page score is very high. Changsha, search the second-hand car trading is needed, it can not meet the needs of a single. Since it is concerned about the transaction, related is the price, brand, these are the periphery of the demand, so choose the car brand, type, cars are the same level of the car, the car, from the point of view, is very principled. These lists are of very good, so the ranking is the study of the words related to the content. We can refer to the U.S. mission network, it has done very well. The small website is considered matching keywords, is user search words and words are the same we do. (Shanghai dragon new technology exchange group, _, 138426856, for the new era of Shanghai dragon Er to build a harmonious Shanghai dragon home, so that we can quickly progress!) read more

owners often say " content is king, the chain for the emperor " yes, a website with rich content and the weight of the chain will not be included, certainly not less. But some things are often counterproductive, there is a part of the content and the chain reaction of stationmaster why their websites are very rich, but included why love Shanghai there so few. At this point, I think before seeing a soft appearance of a word like " the chain for the emperor King quality " think carefully. Indeed, the frequency of the number of chain website love Shanghai spider patronage is high, it is very helpful to the weight of the website ranking. So many owners think that the chain as long as there is sufficient, no less The more, the better.. But this is really a loss, the chain is divided into many kinds, some owners in order to increase the number of the chain in a short period of time, so we buy a lot of cheap chain, which is the so-called black chain, black chain site can easily lead to site is down right, even by the K. So for our site outside the chain. read more

is the so-called dead link, link to the site for a variety of reasons leading to failure, when users access the link and love Shanghai, will return to the 404 error code. This is because most of the dead link generation website or server caused by replacement. This web site and there are a lot of dead links can not get timely treatment, will make love in Shanghai included more difficult.

[]: a shortage of dead links exist, did not receive timely treatment

[three] deficiencies: the abuse of the anchor text read more

Google ABSP walked gently, did not take away a cloud, let Chinese countless stationmaster fell dejected. As the oldest "importance of the PR value, the most authoritative evaluation parameters, representing the most classic noble baby ranking algorithms, has been the webmaster of the soul. Although Google is gone, but PR still around us on the website of the values, and affects countless webmaster of daily work, the most common is the Links, you will not find the PR value of the new station, in the process of exchange links is very difficult and helpless, in addition to love Shanghai snapshots, there is no doubt that PR is still part of exchange and trading chain is the most important. read more

, for example, beauty.

said, a lot of Shanghai dragon ER is sure to sigh: "again." As long as do Shanghai dragon, common sense is the key concept. So now to talk about words, it will be considered a commonplace talk of an old scholar. However, as the core keywords, Shanghai dragon in that place, there are many. Now, I come to talk about a new era of Shanghai dragon "to place keywords".

users in the search, can be divided into two kinds, searching target and non target search. For example, to search for a movie like the Lord of the rings, the rings of the name itself is the best keywords, and the nature is an alias. But at the same time, the protagonist Frodo is one of the key words and names, can let a person some impressive words such as’ ah ah this white mage, these words are optional lexical category. Instead of the target search is another important search, most people sometimes actually do not know what to look for their own specific. For example, the boring time, want to listen to music, but I don’t know what a nice song, direct search keywords classic songs, words like this is actually a good. I want to watch the news and the direct search "hot news" is non target search, these words are very worth choosing keywords. read more

my clients in chat with me to select key, want to put those long tail keywords gave me to Shanghai dragon. But I don’t recommend him! His industry competition is not very intense, but the long tail word is more suitable for the promotion of Shanghai. Generally, the long tail word has such a characteristic, high accuracy, less clicks. If love Shanghai promotion to these words, each word of the price is not very high, and is the charge per click. If the Shanghai dragon to optimize these words, words many words may even tens of thousands, but few clicks, the price is not high. So this kind of word is more suitable for the love Shanghai, words can do big, cost is not high. read more