early in my building a blog I wrote an article "how to make your site included" love Shanghai fast, this article I also voted A5 has also been approved by, still can be found. This article is to bring hundreds of the chain, as long as it is submitted on the A5 will have a lot of people may be reproduced, a lot of collection, have something artificial collection, I am also very clever in the article with your own web site, from this article you can also see the soft Wen how did you write, the most important is when being reproduced can take your web site. Today I will discuss and we simply look [how to make your website pages are quickly included] love Shanghai. read more

however, write out light I worry about a thing, love, Shanghai will not K my bidding account will not be fully K my site? But when justice, fight, and not out I am feeling uncomfortable, serious "pig"! However, if love Shanghai it is really so, that he is not far away from OVER

used to love Shanghai price adjustment did not suggest that have a lot of money, to love Shanghai without complaint, so now to appeal, direct " " bleaching;

have evidence, plus the annotation images in addition to text, without any other alteration, personality do guarantee! Because before the bidding price is ridiculously high problem to find the love of Shanghai complaints to no avail, so no longer looking for love in Shanghai complaints. I really know the importance of website marketing, website traffic, so try to operate the web site at the same time, also do love Shanghai auction, but there was always something forced feeling is a website for more than a year, the website search rankings and included love Shanghai two is not very stable, webmasters may have experience, love Shanghai give you lower ranking to get rid of your search results is sometimes the thing that is absolutely no obligation to inform us of these people, not to mention our identity read more

some people may say, is not all these things? I want to say here but you really think about it? I like to do the injection molding machine friends website throughout several beautiful pictures of beautiful, users to your web site to see you this machine picture? He wants to know is are you in this picture is real, the machine model, sales price, specific parameters etc.. I say you put this picture in a real picture, pictures and models, and then click to view the price of machine specific parameters. This picture is of value. Here I would like to tell you is the home show we have to consider whether the user needs, and can form two clicks. read more

(two) excessive use of anchor text.

imperceptibly Xiaobian has to do is stand, which also took over a number of sites, from the optimization of the difficulty of speaking, Xiaobian feel these over the old station is far more difficult to optimize than new sites, because each update love Shanghai old station ranking will change, and the this is not stable, update your website in the first three pages, the next update and fly out of 100, make people feel very helpless, but the research and experiment found some old station ranking cause these unstable factors through several small series, that is the excessive optimization. read more

at the beginning of the share in the station optimization, we need to understand the importance of some of the chain to the site, do not think that as long as the optimization by outside the station can get good rankings, it is unrealistic. If you look carefully, you can analyze the ranking than you opponent of the site, you will find that some competitors outside the chain is not much, but the ranking has been very stable, this time you need to analyze some opponents is how to do site optimization. I think a site to be successful is the most basic structure optimization to improve the station, and then through the station to complement each other. For the importance of chains in the not long winded, so let’s see what steps can make better effect to our station. read more

interested in many people, why others outside the chain of hair in the love of Shanghai ranked as good, and his hair of the chain is no echo, this is a lot of people remain perplexed despite much thought things to others outside the chain of hair open look at it so happened, feeling the chain may also post content than their own, but is the people’s rankings, and carefully design their own but not ranking, this problem has troubled me for a long time, but recently it seems to understand, to share with you. read more

two, timing quantitative update the original article.


if your website content is not much, then to make the site static, if there is no way to generate static, with pseudo static, if there are technical personnel can get static program, then generate static. There are several advantages: generating static static web access speed, static web search engine more love, more easily to be included. But if your article is more, then from the start column included less, if direct station static, may be right down. read more

first, the construction enterprises need to clear the site content and site type is what? Enterprise website content construction is a problem of great concern to us, and how to show the content of the web site to the user.


third, enterprise needs to locate target keywords in the network marketing and website promotion process and how to use the search engine optimization will show the first time the customer’s products and services to improve the efficiency of the project in front of the user, and create value for the enterprise visibility started. read more

is the first method to a large number of editors and your relevant Wikipedia entries, add your keywords in Wikipedia editor inside, and then add the inner chain, after the user has seen you to edit the relevant Wikipedia will have to click on the chain you add, is second kinds of methods, if you can figure is the entry to have a relationship with you to submit entries encyclopedic character relationship table. After the official figures help you add table, so that you can get traffic from the relationship of the characters in the entry. The third way is when you publish the article can also add Wikipedia to link in the chain, which is a method of flow. read more


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this is the search for Shanghai, ranked seventh in the Shanghai dragon application, obviously, the future development of love Shanghai will enter a new stage. In fact, many ways of promotion! Don’t put your ideas on top of Shanghai dragon, promotion not only only when the Shanghai dragon, website development to a certain extent, it is necessary to create something, that is the site to give users what, and then let the user spontaneous search sites, create new words, this is the key read more