second, traffic sources second is through the search engine, search engine traffic guidance accounted for 34%, of which more than 50% of the number of baby aristocracy for the largest source.

talked about how to guide the flow of nature, you may think of two methods:

some people think through the Shanghai dragon can effectively optimize the hit rate, further to the rank of the website, but there is another argument that through various social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and so on, with the media to create topics, the use of pull way to increase hit the masses base, traffic guidance. read more


said the data analysis, this problem almost every day in the discussion and consultation, because the data analysis for a qualified auction clerk speaking almost become a necessity and familiar techniques, data analysis shows that many of the problems in the bidding, including data source, high impact, high keywords show, high consumption, high conversion and how to optimize and carry out.

3, show low analysis of high consumption, which is a lot of bidding staff are under discussion or discussed problem, because this problem is really a bit difficult, many influence factors, accounts and staff, and should show high consumption in the low to reduce consumption, and constantly adjust the accounts and increase the keyword, to optimize the quality of stable quality. read more